The latest news from the Center for Empathy in International Affairs.

CEIA Director Appointed Harvard Fellow

October 2019: CEIA’s Director is made a Visiting Fellow at Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation and leads an Advanced Skills Workshop on the Mediation of Armed Conflict.

New Electronic Library on Empathy

Sept 2019: CEIA is delighted to announce the birth of ‘ELE’ – Electronic Library on Empathy, consisting of a wide range of academic articles on empathy.

CEIA Develops Ground-Breaking Empathy Training

July 2019: After months of research, CEIA has developed an innovative and path-breaking empathy training for international professionals, enabling them to enhance their efficacy and impact.

CEIA Director Speaks at Harvard

April 2019: CEIA Director, Matt Waldman, was honored to be invited to speak for the second time at the prestigious Herbert C. Kelman Seminar, addressing the tough issue of engaging with Islamist armed groups.

Addressing Global Challenges

On 1 November 2018 CEIA’s director Matt Waldman participated in a symposium in London on addressing global challenges organised by Westminster Abbey Institute.

Presentation at St Andrews University

In October 2018 CEIA director Matt Waldman was honoured to be hosted by the School of International Relations at St Andrews, where he presented on the role of strategic empathy in foreign policymaking and conflict resolution.

Expert Roundtable on Biases in Conflict

In March 2018 CEIA and Conciliation Resources convened a roundtable discussion in London on biases in conflict, attended by leading experts and practitioners in mediation and conflict resolution.

Harvard Seminar

Event in November 2017: Empathy in International Conflict Resolution – Matt Waldman leads the Kelman Seminar at Harvard