CEIA is delighted to be collaborating with the World Bank in Washington DC to run three high level seminars on leading with empathy and social intelligence.

This exciting series builds on CEIA’s empathy workshop at the World Bank in March 2020, which explored the practical utility of empathy for international professionals. Looking ahead, the three interactive seminars will explore how leading with empathy and social intelligence can help us understand others and transform relationships. 

In our daily lives we’re continually required to understand and get along with others, including colleagues and professional counterparts. That sounds simple but it is often challenging. Too often differences lead to tensions, disputes and conflictual relationships. If not handled well, conflicts can hinder our work and undermine our overall wellbeing. These three seminars for World Bank staff will explore how to successfully manage conflict. They consider the role of empathy and social intelligence in enhancing your ability to understand others, connect with them and manage relationships.

The first of the three seminars will consider the rationale for empathy in conflict resolution; the second covers the question of how to discern and manage emotions in conflict; and the third seminar considers the critical skill of active listening.