The latest news from the Center for Empathy in International Affairs.

Harvard Seminar

Event: Empathy in International Conflict Resolution – Matt Waldman leads the Kelman Seminar at Harvard

Expert Workshop on Engaging Armed Groups

On 21 March 2017, CEIA and Conciliation Resources held a stimulating expert workshop in London, involving 21 experts and practitioners, on the role of empathy in engaging non-state armed groups.

Consultation on Empathy in Peacebuilding

On 6 June 2016 CEIA, in collaboration with the Alliance for Peacebuilding, will convene experts and practitioners in Washington DC to discuss the role of empathy in peacebuilding. 

CEIA Consultation on Empathy in Mediation

In collaboration with the European Institute of Peace, on 5 March 2016 CEIA will convene senior mediators and experts in Brussels to discuss the role of empathy in mediation and negotiation.

Empathy Neuroscience Conference

CEIA will participate in the British Academy conference in London on ‘Empathy neuroscience: translational relevance for conflict resolution’ on 7-8 March 2016.