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The Center for Empathy in International Affairs (CEIA), in collaboration with the Royal Institute of International Affairs – Chatham House, convened a consultation on empathy in international affairs in London on 29 June 2016. The consultation involved 20 academics, diplomats, analysts and authors, from a range of institutions including: the House of Lords, Chatham House, Conciliation Resources, the European Council on Foreign Relations, the Ditchley Foundation, the Guardian newspaper, King’s College London, Oxford University, Oxford Research Group, and the Bar.

This briefing paper, The Software of Geopolitics, written by CEIA Director Matt Waldman, records insights, analysis and ideas from the consultation. It explores the role of empathy in informing foreign policy-making, enhancing diplomacy and contributing to conflict resolution. The paper draws on Waldman’s own work and includes insights from other sources, especially CEIA consultations held in Brussels and in Washington, D.C. To read the full briefing paper, which includes an executive summary, click here.



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