Many countries of the Middle East and North Africa are caught in a vicious circle of instability, slow growth and social discontent. Massive upheavals since the Arab Spring present major regional and global challenges in the form of large-scale displacement and extremism. Despite increasing social and economic pressures, governments in the region have resisted meaningful reforms. This is deepening divisions between globalizing urban middle classes and marginalized poor majorities, and further radicalizing political opposition.

In this article Rolf Holmboe, distinguished Danish Ambassador and Middle East specialist, argues that the international community tends to use its energy and resources to manage immediate crises, but that instability in the region will not subside until deep reform processes are instituted to bring about social, economic and political change. He argues that international community, governments and partners should establish a Regional Compact for Growth and Development. This Compact should be informed by strategic empathy to understand and respond to the grievances, concerns and aspirations of people across the region.

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